Welcome to a whole new experience in luxury home creation. Where you get everything you want in your new home, just as you envisioned it. And none of the things you don’t want along the way, like stress and time drain. We’re redefining the experience of building a luxury home, and the results are amazing.


Behind the mouth watering looks of our Luxury Home Creations are equally attractive stories of on-time, on-budget, stress-free project delivery.

Murray and Felicity Gardner guide you through the steps of creating your own Luxury Home Creation.


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the Gardner Group. They guided us through the entire home building process from selection of the lot to final CO. During the process Murray and Felicity were constantly looking ahead and anticipating any issues with the project; in so doing, they took all the stress out of what could otherwise be a difficult and involved process and eliminated any surprises. We love our house and can’t thank the Gardner Group enough for all of their assistance with it.”
Tom Biafore

Long distance builds take courage, but when we walked into the Gardner Group’s stunning project on Mountain Top Lane (recently featured on Houzz), we suspected there was nothing to fear. What we have learned over the past year is that, working with the Gardner Group, even the Cowardly Lion could enjoy the process.

The husband and wife team of Murray Gardner, who has coordinated all engineering, construction, landscaping, HVAC, electrical and automation aspects of our incredibly complex project, and Felicity Gardner, who has worked with us on the interior design choices, have been with us – by phone, by email, and even mini-video – every step of the way. From selecting the ideal lot to choosing the perfect stain for the base and case, they have sought our input when appropriate and never bothered us when we didn’t need to be involved in a decision.

In less than a year, they have taken our project from an barren hillside to a nearly finished home. And in all that time, we have not experienced a single stressful moment. Just as the four ton steel beam in the second photo is absorbing all the structural stress of this build, Gardner Group has absorbed all the psychological stress. On any given day there may be 25 people from five different specialties at work on this project, but Murray has managed to keep them all on task and all working happily with one another. Felicity’s acute eye and knowledge of local design resources have meant that we’ve been able to plan an interior that should be as glorious as the views that surround our home…and do it all within our budget. No small feat. And did I mention that, on top of everything, they are two of the loveliest people we have ever met?

Ellen Frank