When Gardner Group creates your luxury custom home, you bypass the pitfalls that discourage homeowners from building in the first place. No years of stress for you! Leave the agonizing delays, frustrating cost overages, professional refereeing, and heartbreaking mistakes behind. You’ve discovered the smart new way.

With Gardner Group as the dedicated Owner’s Representative on your project, the 24/7/365 passion and responsibility for your home becomes ours, from the first shovel to the last chandelier. The renowned Project Leadership and stunning Interior Design that Gardner Group is known for makes even the most ambitious and complicated project a great experience for you from start to finish. Low stress. High style. You deserve it.


Everyone agrees that the experience of working with Gardner Group is superior. The icing on the cake is that the final result is as well. Gardner Group Luxury Home Creations are personalized masterpieces forged through our trademark start-to-finish approach and tireless attention to quality and design. We only take on one or two projects a year to give each project the focus it deserves.

We’re on-site during construction 6 to 8 hours every day. We may spend hundreds of hours alone in conference with the architect tweaking features and flow. Interior design and home automation are baked into the process, and hopping a flight to the furniture marts for the perfect piece is all in a day’s work. Our sole agenda and goal is executing your dream to perfection. Is it any wonder that Gardner Group creations are some of the highest grossing homes in the greater Park City area?



Gardner Group’s simple fee structure and resulting return on investment is the most satisfying part of all. We are the smart new way to build your luxury dream home, disrupting the traditional model with extraordinary value as a key ingredient of our winning formula.

How do we do it? By cultivating a stable of the region’s highest-calibre go-to building professionals and craftsman who appreciate our precise project management and hard-working oversight expertise. Gardner Group is a veritable “one stop shop” commanding lower pricing and discounts of 10% to 50% at every turn, from architectural plans to plumbing. Our in-house interior design professional passes along furniture and accessory purchases at cost, an enormous savings in itself. Ask for an example budget showing how Gardner Group’s simple fee adds up to savings at the bottom line.

Minutes Saved with Project Management
Fewer Decisions Needed by Homeowner
Dollars Saved on Fixtures and Furniture
Fewer Sleepless Nights

The Traditional Model

The Traditional Model for Building your Luxury Dream Home in Park City involves these steps:

  • Find a Realtor
  • Find a Lot
  • Find an Architect
  • Find a General Contractor
  • Find an Interior Designer
  • Oversee the entire 2-year process of creating your home

Whilst this process can result in a good product, it is fraught with danger:

What does your Realtor know about how the lot topography will drive the home design?

What does your Architect know about exact current build costs?

What does your General Contractor know about Interior Design?

What does your Interior Designer know about structure?

What do you know about any of these important factors?

Will they all get on? Will you have to act as Referee? How much work will this be for you?

The Smart New Way to Build Your Luxury Home.

There is an affordable, stress-free alternative:

Gardner Group can do it all for you. We have assembled a team of hand-picked, high-quality, go-to professionals in the design and building arenas, and will act as your One Stop Shop for creating your Park City Dream Home.

With Gardner Group, we will sit you down in a series of structured meetings designed to ask every question we need answered to enable us to deliver the home of your dreams, on time, and on budget.

Our first meeting will discuss your family structure, your lifestyle, your usage pattern for your dream home, and the overall design style you have in mind. We will guide you with our thoughts on the best neighborhoods for your needs. We will identify lots that meet your requirements and can even scope them out on your behalf.

Subsequent meetings will look at the design of the home as it develops, systems to be included in the home, exterior finishes, interior finishes, appliances etc. In fact, we will cover every aspect of the design and build of the home, but we will do it in a way that is structured, progressive, and stress free. Your involvement can be as much or as little as your available time and your desire to be involved will allow.